July 2013

Details are to be confirmed, but it looks like Hat Throwing will have its first, proper, city centre appearance at Positive Bradford Day, 28th Sept, by the side of Bradford City Hall.


Dave foreman, me with pencil and ideas (especially about fitting 8 pictures in a wall long enough for only 7), and Robin, aka Dale, the good man with a screwdriver.

Cleckheaton were top of the Bradford League at the start of the match and extended their lead after beating Manningham with some ease. Andrew Gale, the Yorkshire C.C.C. captain was batting as a guest for Cleckheaton, I think he is the one batting in the photo, and was just blitzing the bowling, although Manningham’s fielding did them few favours.


The photo is of the Lorimer family grave at Heaton Graveyard. The stone was paid for by the workmates of George Lorimer senior, apparently killed in a mill fire; although I have no way of checking that. The internet is useless and I cannot get access to old newspapers because Bradford Central Library is still shut.

The reason for the photo is that his son, George Edward Lorimer, was buried in the same grave, and was a Bradford sporting hero, His kicking was a big part in Manningham winning the first Northern Union (late known as Rugby Leeague) title in 1896. When he died when he died of TB after a very short illness in 1897 there was a mass demonstration of communal grief. 8000 reportedly lined the route of his cortege.

George Edward’s inscription is the one on the shield to the right.


I am not having the best of time with internetty related things at the moment. I have had near shouty experiences with both GiffGaff and wordpress.com over the last 48 hours, now I have to add Scottish Power. I have agreed to give readings, and have managed to do so for 5 straight quarters, but their site is playing right silly beggers. I have had to contact them via facebook! I have sent the below and am using this blog as a record of my action. I have removed the account number.

I tried logging in to give meter readings last night and failed. I requested a password reset and was sent a temporary password but your website could not go any further and I was told to try again later.

This morning your website did not recognise your password after both pasting and copying, and then told me I only had one chance left to log in.

When I tried to contact you via your in-page e-mail it would not recognise the below account number as valid, despite me pasting account open confirmation e-mail, and copying it out!


I am not doing any more. I have wasted 2 hours on this already. You send me a working password and specific instructions or send someone around to read the meter.

Finished the day of Bradford wondering at Jacobs Well. I sold 2 Wayne Jacobs Little Red Head Book‘s! (the inability to link to let alone sell books and tickets is the only thing I lack without a website).


Later I was telling Mel, a pleasant barmaid of wide experience, about how shy I was. She replied that I did not seem to have trouble talking. I told her it was her fault because she was encouraging me. Her loud

I’m not!

Showed the benefit of experience.


I posted my demand for a refund on the flight from Leeds Bradford to Heathrow they cancelled with no notice 2 days ago. It went 2nd class.

This morning I got an e-mail confirming the refund. I am still a little out of pocket due to the cost of the bus to the airport and back, but I did have a grand train ride down so am not going to ask for more.

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