July 2015

Bobby texted me to tell me there was a blue moon tonight. I had a good look on my way to the off licence, and it looked red to me, but I did not have my phone. I took this just now, with the moon behind a cooking apple tree, and it still looked red to my eye, though not to my phone.  


Bradford City have just signed the Finnish goalkeeper from this game. 

I am in a house with new kitchen (with fitted oven and hob), bathroom (inc. shower and bath) and carpets. It has:

1 chair and 1 stool. 

1 table, 1 bedside cabinet and 1 teachest. 

1 electric kettle, 1 coffee percolator, 1 fridge and 1 bedside lamp.

1 camp bed plus foam mattress. 

My laptop. 

It’s bloody wonderful! When my subconscious is stopping me getting ride of all the crap in my own house I hope I can beat it back with memories of what it’s like to live uncluttered!

Having said that though: my own kitchen is too small to ever be a pleasure to work in (let alone sit in), and money cannot change that; and while my own bathroom can be made a pleasure to be in, I’ll not have the money to make that happen for at least 3 years; and I need central heating first. 

But right now I am enjoying being where I am. I hope the next people living here do do to, and soon. 

For the last 2 weeks I have being rationing my internet usage like sugar in WWII. I still ran out with days left on my month’s worth, with a massive amount to upload soon, to get the Crawley house advertised for letting. I have just paid for more internet. 

One consequence of my rationing is I have not being going on face book. It’s notable how little difference that has made. 

 These will be on the RightMove ad.   

If you follow the stream from Campbell’s/Tilgate there is another lake, which curves. I think it stood over, what is now, the bottom end of Furnace Drive. Basil thinks it is the pond that drove the actual furnace, but I cannot imagine it being very deep.


This was happening one evening last week. I think the one’s with wings are males. I did not see one take off, but saw several go back down a hole, and more get their head grabbed by a worker, dragged along, and released. 


My mother’s powered arm chair finally left the garage the same way it arrived over a decade ago: on Tony’s magic trailer. 

It is now sticking out the back of an old Ford Focus, in Terry the window cleaner’s lock-up garage. I am not sure what will happen if Terry manages to sell the Focus (available with an extra engine for just £50 more), presumably put the chair in the space left by the car. 

My biggest ever job is nearly done. It’s only about money and future prosperity, so not that important. Seeing both my parents out of this world was important. 

I have got dvd’s from charity shops to watch on my laptop. 3 documentaries and  Made in Dagenham

Watched it all, and I stopped doing that for dramas years ago. I blubbed. 

There was a birthday lass, name of FiWho used to celebrate with a wild spree!

Now, while the drinking’s still fine

And she could show these young un’s how to have a good time,

She’s grown to appreciate slippers, and a nice cup of tea. 

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