July 2015

Bobby texted me to tell me there was a blue moon tonight. I had a good look on my way to the off licence, and it looked red to me, but I did not have my phone. I took this just now, with the moon behind a cooking apple tree, and it still looked red to my eye, though not to my phone.  


Bradford City have just signed the Finnish goalkeeper from this game. 

I am in a house with new kitchen (with fitted oven and hob), bathroom (inc. shower and bath) and carpets. It has:

1 chair and 1 stool. 

1 table, 1 bedside cabinet and 1 teachest. 

1 electric kettle, 1 coffee percolator, 1 fridge and 1 bedside lamp.

1 camp bed plus foam mattress. 

My laptop. 

It’s bloody wonderful! When my subconscious is stopping me getting ride of all the crap in my own house I hope I can beat it back with memories of what it’s like to live uncluttered!

Having said that though: my own kitchen is too small to ever be a pleasure to work in (let alone sit in), and money cannot change that; and while my own bathroom can be made a pleasure to be in, I’ll not have the money to make that happen for at least 3 years; and I need central heating first. 

But right now I am enjoying being where I am. I hope the next people living here do do to, and soon. 

For the last 2 weeks I have being rationing my internet usage like sugar in WWII. I still ran out with days left on my month’s worth, with a massive amount to upload soon, to get the Crawley house advertised for letting. I have just paid for more internet. 

One consequence of my rationing is I have not being going on face book. It’s notable how little difference that has made. 

 These will be on the RightMove ad.   

If you follow the stream from Campbell’s/Tilgate there is another lake, which curves. I think it stood over, what is now, the bottom end of Furnace Drive. Basil thinks it is the pond that drove the actual furnace, but I cannot imagine it being very deep.


This was happening one evening last week. I think the one’s with wings are males. I did not see one take off, but saw several go back down a hole, and more get their head grabbed by a worker, dragged along, and released. 


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