February 2011

Glyn Watkins' 2011 Walbuyras Card.

A decadent weekend, including drinking cava in bed very late on Sunday morning.

I did a good show and had a nice audience. I am getting better, and if I start doing shows more often they will be polished into something that could go on the road, with backing; but backing is the key.

Bev was a rock for this one, June at St. Walburgas’ Primary School was lovely, and the fact the local priest was in the audience and was entertained and informed) means I probably would get a much larger audience if I did the show there next Walburgas Day. My mate Mark Neale also stepping in with a vital lift when I left Critical equipment at home (I wrote a check-list but did not use it properly; an other learning point).

So I can rely on friends for every show, but apart from one, none of my friends is part of a team. Every show is made anew. I have been nagged in the past about doing too many kinds of shows, by someone who never took on board the fact that I had to learn how to do shows before I could try and do just one; or the fact that without backing I have to spend enormous amounts of time producing and selling any show, whether it is new or old, and cannot afford to take it far. No car and high hotel costs really does limit my options.

We have spent a lot of the weekend talking about family and neighbours that live in a bubble, but I suppose this blog, the shows, and the websites while they existed, is just one big bubble.

I will probably be off facebook for a while after today, and my be off wordpress as well.

Tonight’s show; is looking well, with TC playing instruments, images prepared, and jaffa cakes bought. I just hope the audience outnember me!

For at least the 3rd time since I have lived here I have saved my neighbours from flooding, or more flooding. The faces and pipes have changed, but the water is still as wet.

Paul, a nice lad from Latvia, banged on my door to ask if I had an emergency plumbers number. The answer was no, but I put trousers over my pyjamas and went to help. They had come home to find water spurting in the kitchen and water is over an inch¬† deep in the cellar. He had already done the obvious, but the stop cock either isn’t, or does not work. I eventually figured out the pipe had come off the hot tap, but the red stop tap did no stopping. I eventually turned it off with the screw cock (?), which is only obvious if you have seen one before.

I left them with my wet & dry vacuum, and some advice.


This may read like a bellyaching blog, but I am actually quite happy, and am being productive, but have to pause to do some wondering.

Am slowly going through the ‘must do’ list for Walburgas Day. This time last year I was living on my own. That meant I could concentrate solely on Walburgas, but got much more stressed doing so.

I was already wondering then how much sense there was in me doing self created and produced shows.

The good thing about this year is that being in a relationship means I am not spending all my time fretting about the show, and I am getting emotional and practical support. So I have done less, but worried less.

After much learning in adversity I can now do very good shows, but have never been able to generate a guaranteed audience, let alone a large one. I get press coverage, and happy audiences, but do not seem able to use those to get bigger coverage or audiences for the next one.

Every show stands alone, and I have to create too many of the same things each time. I also have to face the fact that while I do get great help (for which I am very grateful) I do not have a team.

I am probably fooling myself, but I do want to work with a team. Trouble is that I seem to end up doing most things myself. To be fair: I can, and it makes things easier and cheaper, but it increases the work.

On top of the above ponderings I will have to sort out and manage my own website, or have no web presence other than facebook.

With the aid of the head torch and illuminated tweezers I fulfilled a long time ambition: to see right down someone’s ear holes. I always thought you needed one of them special tools doctors stick in your ears, but with the two I had I managed not only to see one ear drum, but see that a cotton bud had been used in the other one, resulting in wax being forced down to cover the drum.

Me and Bev went to Manchester by coach yesterday, mainly to use up a voucher National Express had sent her because of massive delays.

It was a good trip, but very tiring, and with lots of potential for fractiousness. Worst parts were the incorrect National Express timetable which nearly caused a fight, and the surely barman in the Preveril of the Peak; best bits was the fact that we managed to manage the timetable stress; the City Arms and talking about the pictures in the Gallery.

2011 Walburgas Card. Pic was done 20+ years ago on a Machintosh Plus, writing the verse felt like hauling an anchor

It is my parents 55th wedding anniversary. Well done.

I did not buy much for my Valentine, apart from some cakes with hearts on, but I did bring her her breakfast, give her hot-cross bun and crumpet cut into heart shapes when she got back from work, and cooked beef wellington for tea.

The crocus’ in Lister Park have come out in the last 24 hours. I went past them twice yesterday and the buds were just formed, but closed, but the sun came out today and they were open today.

From Bev.

My Man

He talks when I am tired
But sleeps when I’m awake
He says that I should diet
But always buys me cake

He emits such noxious gases
Then blames it on the dog
But when I’m less than fragrant
He puts it on his blog!!


Don’t let me mislead you
I wouldn’t change a thing
Because he is my only valentine
My beloved soup-er king


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