April 2014



It’s a long time since I’ve been to see any kind of dancing; probabIy since me and Bev split. I think the last time was in Scarborough: the last act before I got the hook.

I enjoyed the day, glad I stayed. Bev’s new team suits her very well; and I talked to, or at, a lot of nice folk. Bev reckons I should not try Morris dancing, but when have I ever listened to good advice? Or just plain listened?

I was in the Swan Hotel, got served a pint, waited. The bar lass asked if I wanted it topping up.
“Yes please.”
“You sure you’ve not taken a swig?”
“I’ve been too busy talking, didn’t you hear?”
“Aye! I heard.”


The dog is called Jess and belongs to Linda. She is dancing with Thieving Magpies; Bev’s new team.

I meant to come back for City’s last game of the season, but was enjoying myself!


I have known I am more or less manic depressive for years, the whole family were, although age seems to be lessening the swings. I also now know I am autistic.

Thinking about it today I reckon it is better for me to have short but intense bouts of depression (as long as no harm is done) than long, drawn out days with anger and sell loathing feeding each other.

So yesterday’s struggle to do anything beyond eating and injecting should see me more cheerful for a goodly while.


Good show with lots of challenges; challenges I can learn from, and better learn because I came straight home, tested my blood sugar, took action, and phoned Bev, a life enhancer if there ever was one.

Due on to talk of tomorrow’s show at, or just after, 17.20. http://www.bcbradio.co.uk

Was invited out last night and had a good time with Les, Nicki, Heidi, and Dave, who got my birthday present late, a jigsaw of 50’s sweets, which caused singing of adverts.

I’m obviously in Harrogate, with my insulin. Harrogate scored in the 2nd minute. Good pint of Daleside blond.


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