September 2016

I saw diabetic nurse Kate today for the second time; and dietitian Sima for the first time.

I get on well with both; well enough to make me want to make an effort to improve my diabetic control.

I only saw Kate for the first time because my previous nurse was ill. The previous was good, but I need inspiration to make an effort to improve a 50 year routine that can get too much like hard work to change, when I am stressed or weary. I have lived this long with the flecking thing! I have no signs of eye or vein failure; or infections in my nether regions. Why bother to do any more than I am doing?

Kate asked me straight: “Do you actually want to improve your diabetic control?”

My immediate answer:

“It gives me something to do! I like you! And getting out of bed to inject every day stopped me dying of liver cirrhosis before I was 30!.”

Kate looked at my injection sites (the first time I remember them being inspected). My arms are so bad from constant injections (‘hard fat’) that I have been ordered to stop using them (apart from any other reason, insulin uptake is unpredictable from degraded muscles).

When I inject in public, I was ordered to inject in my stomach.

In the Corn Dolly ( ) I injected in my stomach, for the first time in my life. I did not like it; and my bottom will be getting more injections that it has been used to [and it is big enough for a mass inoculation without searching]; but I will try not to use my arms for a while.

I have also promised to record 2, week long, food diary’s. One when I am at home; and one when I am travelling for days.

Kate even offered to find me groups I could join, because I am so socially isolated. I think I love almost as much as Wilsons pies!



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