March 2017

  1. Hugh Herzig went into a building with ‘Circus’ on the outside and texted to say he were there. I was in the Circus Tavern, ‘Smallest Bar in Europe’ so knew he had the wrong one. By the time he arrived I had forgotten all but one of the names of the people there, but they reintroduced themselves. The only name I remember is Clare Wright (“so you’re Clare? Right!”  “That’s her name!”).                          They run the Red Bull(?) in Stockport.  The bloke behind Hugh may be Martin. 

I stopped blogging about ‘minor’ illness several years ago. The problem I know have is that I did not blog something I am unlikely to remember it.

 I think I have had flu/cold/lergy for at least 9 weeks every year for over a decade; but that’s just me remembering when I am ill. I never go to the doctor’s with coughs; because they rarely last a fortnight, but just keep coming back. 

I went to a meeting on Weds. feeling ill. I woke up the next day with a •50 Cal phelgm attack, a massive disappointment (see previous blogs for why). I was bed bound. 

I got up on Friday for the blood test to check my white blood cell count. Because I was up I excepted an invite to Thornton. 

I coughed again yesterday, but nowhere near Thurs. level. 

I am somewhat pissed off. 

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