March 2016

He was talking to himself loudly; and was clearly mad; but was being recist in a way that none but the mad could be in public now. 

My judgement was that I was as old as him, and could out nutter him if I put my mind to it, but I was happy to listen to one side of his conversation with himself: even with his:

“Scunthorpe Saturday!.. I’ll give you fire! Bradford?… It’s a Shithole!.. It’s England; not Pakistan.”

Just as I rang the bell for my stop, and started getting up, he said:

“Where are wi?”

I had the following conversation:

“Yer in Bratfert mate. Yer favourite place!”

“It’s a shithole!”

“God bless yer mate. It’s a long time since I met a proper nutter on the bus!”  

I was going down the stairs as I said the last: but I did stand on the pavement blowing him kisses. 

I tell you what: I talk to nutters on the bus. Look at my blog a few days back: where the lad was naming colours. I hope today’s nutter finds help and peace; and the inside of a prison cell because his madness is discounted because of his racism.  


Talked to Alex, and several others. Him and Irene were the first to hear of my nutter on the bus.  

Plus the blackbird that stopped to listen to me whistling ‘Ode to Joy’. He will be whistling better than Beethoven ever wrote soon. 


Coming down on the 576, on the road from Queensbury.  Plus a view of the plunge the other side of Queensbury. 


Talked to Beth about New Zealand; the Bootle barman; Carlos Archer from The Hop Studio brewery; and several others. 

Punch are not turning this classic testination pub into a ‘destination fun pub’. They are paying for a new kitchen. Well done Punch Taverns. My opinion of you is much improved since the last time I mentioned you on here.  


The funny thing is that I was reading about liverworts last night (a first) and then I meet a man who told me about the look and location of the, nearly, 20 species I could see nearby: and who does moth ‘trapping’ (apparently no moth is trapped). He was particularly passionate about sphagnum moss, and did not like what the other Cromwell Bottom group had done to the bog they grow best in  

I am wondering if I should volunteer to work on canals. I like canals. And stuff. 



I am about to set off from Brighouse I will be posting the tale in reverse order tonight, or tomorrow if I over celebrate.  


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