November 2013





I have just paid £2.08 for a pint of lager. Listening to lads talking of being legally beaten at school.




I can vouch for most of these people.


Best mucky fat I can remember, and hot meat pie better than any

First of all a big thank you to all the lovely people who came to the show, old friends and, hopefully, friends newly minted on the night.

The show and the results were all positive; even the sales were enough to cover the base cost, but not enough to invest in the next show.

Probably the biggest positive is that with: the experience of doing 3 different shows in the same venue in 3 months; combined with video evidence; and the friends that there that can help me analyse the show (and my life); I will have something that allows me to think properly about what to do next; rather than just reacting by creating the next this to obsess over (see a future blog: Catch up 2. Me and my colouring in the autistic spectrum).

My Bradford-Finnish fusion, sweet mutton mince pies were loved by the audience.

The show was the first, of this kind, I have done which featured just my own work; and according to Bev (who has seen more of them than anyone) it was one of the most enjoyable, and certain the most relaxed performance she ever seen me from me.

Beforehand I got good local press and radio coverage, which is very much bread upon the waters, as it might only take one person taking an interest to make all the difference. The problem in the short term however is press and radio coverage has not translated into a single ticket sale this year. I will still do it for any show, but I clearly need either more of it, or I need different kinds of it as well.

Glyde House are developing their own marketing, and are keen to help me even more, if I do another show there. I want to do a Bring Back St. Blaise’s Day walk on 3rd Feb next, and a Walburgas show for the sake of tradition on 25th Feb. If I do the show (and I can afford the hire fee) it makes best sense to do it there, and sort it early.

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