July 2013

Yesterday I used my mattress carrying experience to help old mate Joe Ogden move.

I have also been working on the Priestley, Pie & Proud of Bradford for 13th September and and 2 possible events for Positive Bradford Day on the 28th September.

The possible events for the 28th are a choice between:

* Hat Throwing.
* A short illustrated show about J.B.Priestley or Bishop Blaise.
* A short version of the St. Blaise walk.

The above choice has to happen in the morning.

Later there is a possible Positive Bradford City Show, an illustrated event with Dave Pendleton, featuring such legends as Bobby Campbell, Cup Finals, Directors for the Day, red heads we have known, the record breaking bow and arrow, the lad who woke up with his head frozen to the inside of Patsy’s dodgy coach coming back from Gillingham, the sad case of Watty Shirlaw, J.B.Priestley’s Neck and ankles! You can’t get away from it. B—–dy neck and b—–dy ankles. B——dy neck and ankles!, and much more.

I have expressed my opinion about the BBC’s treatment of Radio 2 once or twice, especially how they forced it to have the poisonous parasite of ‘the news‘ on every hour. The news on Radio 2 is the worst on the radio. They have so much time to fill they endlessly rewrite the same pointless story for added affect or outrage. Sunday evenings used to be news free, now I have to turn the radio of every 57 minutes or risk getting angry.


I may have also given an opinion about Gardener’s Question Time, and how it has become a glossy Sunday supplement produced by people more concerned with the appearance of their teeth than their tomatoes.


Well yesterday I discovered a Sunday morning gardening show called Tim and Joe on BBC Radio Leeds (the link is to a facebook group). As I said on their group page:


Long may the sprit of Bill Sowerbutts; live on at Radio Leeds.


 I will still tune in to Paul O’Grady on Radio 2, but it seems Radio Leeds is the new Radio 2 on Sunday daytime, and I get a bloke with mud under his fingernails talking sense about potatoes. The news is also local, has more chance of being relevent, and changes more often than it does nationally.

Over the last few days I keep having problems post blogs on here, including security alerts from my mobile. If I fail to blog that may be the reason, although me being bone idle is more likely. 


Smells of air freshener and all the barmaids have tattoos, but most of the under 30’s seem to, guaranteeing they will have the piss taken as old people when tattoos go out of fashion. 2 real beers fine and I met Mark, who was part of the last trip to the Polish Parish Club, the one with singing.


Characterful local and a good pint of Bombardier.


Great Horton scored the winning run off the next ball


I saw two of these having a right scrap. One pushed the other off a leaf and then went for him. Damsel flies, cardinal beetles and hosts of other bugs.

PS. I have looked it up. I thought it was a meadow brown but it turns out to have been ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus

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