April 2012

As mentioned in the last post. Cat With Needs movie

I also have a film of Phil the butcher singing Achey Breakey Heart to his June in the Harp of Erin, but probably wont post that one. Mail me if you want a private view.

It were a bit of a good old days night. Went out after getting the results effecting Guiseley and their play-off’s (they now play Nuneton away and home next week. then home for the final if they win).
Went to the Sparrow, and met folk, including Bob the Halifax Magician and his lass Lyn; and Phil and, June from Rainbow.
The walk home from the Irish Club (aka the IDL) was a walk I did often whilst younger. I stopped to task a photo of the steps at the top of Grattan Road and had a cat desperate for company meow in my ear. It was on a window-sill, and a shock, but I obviously gave it due attention. It gave up following me when I got to the front of the Black Swan. I filmed the encounter, but do not hold your breath whilst waiting if you want to see it.

Apart from my mother and my artistic ‘career’ there have been lots of news; but very little I wanted to give out. I did try and post a happy thing from my phone tonight, but wordpress, even with their app, made that too hard for a man in the ‘Harp of Erin’, Bradford, with beer within.

Years after I should have done I have opened a youtube channel. I now need to edit and polish some of the clips of my own work to load up; in the meantime I posted a film I took of Rainbow Morris with my newish phone. If you listen hard to might hear my Bev using a bad word when one of her sticks caught her dress, causing her to flash her bloomers more than usual.

There were at least 3 dogs at the Guiseley game, incluing a chocolate labrador that was fat even by the big standards of the breed, lying infront of the fence. I try to take a photo with the new phone but it the job was not good, and I swear the dog got up and pose for the picture when it saw me pointing the phone. Looking at it I doubt you can pick it out.


Went to see Guiseley F.C. They lost to Bishops Stortford so will finish 2nd and may end up playing Halifax, who according to Dave Jennings are ugly with a shoulder chip.

For the last few days I have had a blood testing meter fitted. It has read and recorded my blood sugar level every 4 minutes. I have learnt loads, one unit rapid insulin balances 5 grams carbs, and by the end I had the best ever balance. Just need to keep it up.

Bev and I, I say it like that thanks to one of my late dad’s obsessions, went to Bradford industrial museum recently. It is a great museum fighting leaks, cuts and a crap council. I bought a Shire books ‘History of the Milkman’.
Today I was talking to a bloke in the Sparrow Beer Cafe about recycling when he started on about milkmen. I whipped me book out and imPressed him.

I am writing this on a second hand smartphone. Probably means I will blog more, but if this phone does sub for a computer most of the time then lots of jobs, like restarting websites, get even less likely to be done

I have grafted some apple twigs, called scions, from both my ma’s apple trees onto M28 rootstock. It is very late to be doing the job but the wild grown, and therefore genetically unique, one in her  front garden, which is my age, may have to be cut down this year, and the apples are worth saving. After much searching I found a grafting knife at B&Q. It is the right shape and sharp enough to do the job, unlike the sailors knife I got last week. The truth is that it is so long since I used a sharp knife I had forgotton how sharp sharp is.

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