February 2014

12.30. Thursday 13/3/14. St. Edwards Orthodox Brotherhood. Brookwood Cemetery. Near Woking, Surrey.

My mother’s body will brought from the chapel of rest in Woking, not from Crawley. The service will be the full Byzantine rite.

I will sort out further details next week.

Thursday 13/03/2014.
At 12.30.

At St Edward Brotherhood Orthodox Church
Cyprians Ave, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey GU24 0BL.

A satnav should get you there, but I will check next week. There is a railway station for Brookwood, but if you have not been before you need a map of some kind, or be able to understand advice. The church is a good way from the station, and across a main road.

I will be organising things at Crawley, and have already made sure that there will be some seats available in a car. There will not, however, be a cortege, because Martha’s body will be arriving from the chapel of rest at Woking. So while there may be a group of cars travelling together, there will not be a hearse to follow.

Following the Orthodox tradition my mother’s body will be on view during the early part of the service, although I need to check details with St. Edward’s.

It will be a full Byzantine rite, and will probably last around 2 hours. I have been to a number of traditional Orthodox funerals, and nobody talked or left. The later is not, however, compulsory. The Orthodox tradition allows you to come and go, so you can leave for a smoke, rest, or a simple sit down.

This also means there is no issue with arriving ‘late’, as long as you come in quietly.

The other thing to note is that the Orthodox generally do not sit down in church, unless they are ‘infirm’. I told mother off many times for refusing to sit down (I’m not old; I’m only 87!).

If you are older or weaker than me, and you need to sit down, sit down for Heaven’s sake, Heaven will already have enough to cope with from Brookwood.

Women generally cover their heads at St. Edward’s.

After the service, and the gathering that follows, I will be going back to Crawley. You are welcome to join me.

My brother has arrived and is dealing with the immediate processing of the body.

The Doctor thinks she passed away this morning. I hugged her yesterday when I left for the show. She blessed me, told me she loved me and wished me luck,

I have contacted the funeral director. `Mother will be buried at Brookwood Cemetery. The funeral will not take place this week or next.

This will be the biggest change in my life.

Would any of my Finnish or Swedish family friends please pass on the news of my mother’s passing. I have no telephone numbers. Let Merja know and she will pass it on. Sorry Sirpa, I don’t have your number either.

This is likely to be the last blog for a long time.

I discovered she was gone when I took her her morning tablets. I am waiting for the doctor.

God bless her.


I have not yet ound my mother’s address book, so cannot yet phone anyone to pass on the news, especially in Finland and Sweden. Please pass on the news.

At Farringdon waiting for the train and feeling really happy; ‘Like a man in a room with a roof!’

Harry was my star of the show, on account of getting her dad Bob to buy my poetry book on his own birthday ( alright: and because she was the best looking lass to buy a book all night).

Thing is lots of other attractive and intelligent people also bought books, and some bought me beer as well!

Big thanks to old friends Gideon, Murray and Tracy. And the Jerusalem.

Happy Walburgas. Printer issues mean the few cards I am sending out will not be posted until tomorrow.

The show will be in small chunks and should be well.


Wal card 14 Final web2

I was surprised by how physically and mentally hard moving one broken armchair from my mother’s house to the garage was.

She had fixed it by stuffing it with a feather pillow, made with iron chicken feathers, and then taping and nailing across the hole. The house is so full that getting the beggar on its side to get the pillow out was a test; then getting it to the front door involved shifting the sofa and the fridge; and having to keep twisting it one way, then another.

Just a few years ago I would have left the thing outside and called the local council to take it away. Now that is a paid for service, and I have to cost alternatives. So it will sit in the garage until a date unknown.


I now have a loyalty card! Beer is good. I will not tell my Mike D’Arbo or Robinson’s Brewery stories, because I have told them before on here. Odd that I worry more about repeating a story on here than I do about repeating with people I drink with.


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