October 2018

Yesterday’s March was so peaceful I could nip into nearby public houses whenever it stopped for any time. Parliament Square got so full the march was backed up to St James!

The were many families and a lot of dogs. There were anarchists, socialists, liberals, undecided, and many shades of Tory. The only group missing were racists of all parties.

I am in the South for reasons of business. I may have subconsciously remembered the 2nd People’s March was on the 20th, but there was a good chance I’d have to have been in Crawley anyway.

I was free yesterday, so wanted to add to an attempt to stop the biggest peacetime self-harm this nation has ever contemplated.

I was against ExBrit. The fact the Leave campaign was wholly and solely lies has been proven every day since, 3 or 4 times on some days.

Theresa May is the worst PM since the Earl of Liverpool; worse than Blair or Cameron; perhaps the worst ever. She she is a bumbler and rigid with pride. She is incapable of negotiating or leading. There may have been hope for a fair and workable leaving of the EU, but right now we have nothing.


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