Yesterday I used my mattress carrying experience to help old mate Joe Ogden move.

I have also been working on the Priestley, Pie & Proud of Bradford for 13th September and and 2 possible events for Positive Bradford Day on the 28th September.

The possible events for the 28th are a choice between:

* Hat Throwing.
* A short illustrated show about J.B.Priestley or Bishop Blaise.
* A short version of the St. Blaise walk.

The above choice has to happen in the morning.

Later there is a possible Positive Bradford City Show, an illustrated event with Dave Pendleton, featuring such legends as Bobby Campbell, Cup Finals, Directors for the Day, red heads we have known, the record breaking bow and arrow, the lad who woke up with his head frozen to the inside of Patsy’s dodgy coach coming back from Gillingham, the sad case of Watty Shirlaw, J.B.Priestley’s Neck and ankles! You can’t get away from it. B—–dy neck and b—–dy ankles. B——dy neck and ankles!, and much more.