September 2017

I was going to write a press release, but I have spent most of the day in bed watching Time Team and drinking wine.
I’ll do it tomorrow.
Last night Samantha Wass Was brilliant. She played Annie Parker from When We Are Married, who discoverers she is not actually married to the very dull, dreary and stingy Albert Parker.
I finished a reading of Priestley’s harrowing account of a reunion of the Army battalion he had joined in the first week of our first World War; she got up, walked on stage in full view, and gave me my feed line to start the scene.
The only time I tried When We Are Married as a two-hander before was with an actress, who was an amateur but very good. Last night Samantha Wass was sharper and funnier.
When I was setting up I discovered I needed a thinner book to prop up my projector; so I asked in the office of Napoleons Casino. I was offered A History of Bradford City in Objects by John Dewhurst; which was exactly the right thickness, and the first time John Dewhirst has supported anything I have tried to do 🙂 I have to say though that the books he creates are good.

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