September 2013

Someone posted on the facebook page Tim and Joe (doing gardening) on BBC Radio Leeds asking people to sign a petition to have year round BST, so not having the clocks move forward in spring and back in autumn.

I wrote a reply, then another, but when I went to post the second the thread had been deleted! Not being one to make words and then have them go to waste, here it is

Sunrise, sunset, length of day, for Leeds on the Winter Solstice,

Dec 21, 2013 8:22 AM; 3:47 PM; 7h 24m 39

You have less than 7.5 hours to move. If we have year long BST (Which will become British Standard Time, one hour ahead of GMT) that day will have sunrise 9.22 AM, sunset 4.47 PM. In fact the sun would rise after 8.00 AM for all of November, December and most of January. As I said, I’d need to think about this.






6hats on the Hat Stand in a row.


4 hats on the Hat Stand in a row, from her first throw! Only one person bettered her, and only a few got near.


City Park. He got a hat on the hat stand! Did not put a note in the bucket, but from the sound he did put more than a pound in.

Have done all I can remember and ready to set off and set up. Be good to see you at City Park, between the City Hall and mirror pool, from around 12.00. Turn up a little eariler and you can help! If it goes well we will be there for at least a couple of hours.


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