July 2018

Is anyone free on Weds and willing to help? Either with a lift to Armley from Bradford for 10.00; or by helping at the event for an hour or so from 11.00? I have no way of knowing how many will show up to have a go. If it’s steady away, then company would be nice, but if it starts with a rush I could do with not being tried from carrying stuff on the bus, or by having a bit of help coping.

Hat Throwing pictures poster2

Hat Throwing pictures poster

In the police station I gave a witness statement about last Saturday week. Odd process and experience for me. The Constable who took my statement thanked me for coming down, and told me she’d learned a lot. I may have gone off on some tangents, and the fact I had a foot wide pie to advertise a show is in the statement.

PS. The ribs still hurt when I sneeze, so maybe I did break a rib. I can, however, fart violently without pain; so I’m happy enough.

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