August 2014

I fixed the hot water, and it was simply resetting a trip switch. The fact it tripped suggests deeper issues, but my immediate safety is not one of them; so it goes on the ever growing list of things I need to fix in my house once I have settle my late mother’s estate.

I also discovered the thing that was making me most angry yesterday was probably due to my mobile issues. If the thing gets warm it starts not working in really odd ways. It is also desperately in need of a good clear out.

Cherry left today, cursing her landlord, I think the only time I have ever heard her cursing. I gave her most of a herby potato pie I had made as a test, so she had something to eat on the journey to her parents; and I took in all the stuff she had sorted for the charity shop. That means most of my living room carpet is covered again.

I have had people asking me about Lines of Power – Lines of Pleasure (the history and poetry of pylons).

It’s not published yet! Sorry if anything I have written on here suggests otherwise, but I think I have always called it ‘my next book’, which it still is.

I was planning to finish and publish this book this year; settling down to it after doing the Walburgas Eve Show in Clerkenwell on the 24th February. My mother passing away on a few hours later on St Walburgas day obviously changed all those plans.

By the end of this year my mother’s estate should be sorted and settled.

I then have a massive amount of work to do on my house, to make it either fit to live in or fit to sell.

The thing is though that by next year will will no longer have to be constantly travelling; and I may also have more time if I give up trying to do the old shows.

That means time enough to get the book done, checked and published. I will need something to occupy me, though I suppose I could give up and buy a TV.


I had a very vivid dream that I was in a secure mental institution and chemically coshed with Librium, and then woke up thinking: ‘Ummm, that’s not a bad idea?’

Went back to sleep and woke up to bright sunshine, which is nice. A day of cleaning, fixing, helping and possibly blackberrying as well. And while I’m doing all that I’ll be thinking about whether I’ll be doing anything on my birthday.

I have had some positive things happen since the last post, and one very negative thing.

I have also had illnesses during the day, one of which caused me to be sat down in the Pudsey, we do what we like, St. Lawrence Cricket Club.

I am going to sleep on my anger, because resolving it will result in decisions made in anger.

As I was writing the above Cherry from next door called to tell me that she had been given till Monday to get out bag and baggage. Not as straightforward as it first sounded, but it will be new neighbours regardless. At least I have had a talk with someone even angrier than me, and in a lot worst position.

I will check my blood sugar and go to bed. I would have had a bath but the hot water has packed up again.

According to the oldest of the boys on this bus it’s Skittles in vodka.

Put a Proud of Bradford show poster up at Bundobus Leeds. Met Les and his mate Greg in North Bar. Had a cheap and unpretentious pint in the Horse & Trumpet.

I got on the first bus out of Pudsey. Happened to be going to Dewsbury. Saw places I’d never see, including loads of market gardens south of Pudsey.

Just had an invite from Les to join him in Leeds, so am waiting in a place I have never been.

I was sat on the lavvy when all the lights went out. No light, not even one for a fire exit. I managed, but the light only came back on after I had opened the door, waving my arms and standing up did not do it.

I expressed an opinion in the bar and was told to lower my voice, that they were used to it, and that I was a plonker.

I’ll not be going back.

Went to see my mate Dave Robbins, which was nice. Am now stuck in Pudsey bus station.

Watching Woodlands bat, 58 for 1 and a 6 just hit the window next to me.

I am eating pie & peas (£1.50) drinking Tetley’s and listening to a delightfully batty old lady:

“I were born in Farsley. I moved to Pudsey but my mother sent me to Foxes School of Commerce in Bradford for 18 months. It did me the world of good.”

Got a lift to this new, to me, pub after rehearsing with Pauline in the Grove. She then bought me a pint and drove me to Bradford. She is a great person to work with.

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