September 2010

I’ve done a lot of work since the last blog, including some of the hardest physical days work I have done for a long time.

I have set up a They Wrote Poems That Rhyme and they’ve been dead a long timeshow for 7yh Oct. (National Poetry Day) at the Midland in Ilkley, The Curry & Kipling is confirmed for 6th Oct. at the Ring O’ Bells Halifax (both shows start at 7.30). I am then doing a Hat Throwing on the 9th at White Wells.

The Kipling will be ticketed and include a donation to a children’s hospice, the other shows will have a collection that I will be split between me and a charity (St Gemma’s Hospice for the Hats , to be confirmed for the Rhymes

On Friday I bought a VAX vacuum cleaner on Bev’s behalf at Nettos, and carried it home. Her old one is not powerful enogh to suck up the dirt, let alone the cat flea lavea. I took it (and my heavy sack trolley_ to Baildon on Saturday, assembled it and started using it. We then went to Keighley Beer Festival, where Bev was dancing. We met a lot of nice people, and I joined in the public dance,

On Sunday we shifted Bev’s old washine machine, and her broken tumble drier to the front garden. The washer was a mare to shift, and it bent my trolley even more that it already was.

I then spent hours hoovering and spraying, and taped up her disused fireplace. We went out for a drink in the evening, and my beer went down lovely. We sang along to the kareoke and got a kebab on the way home, only Bev’s second, ever.

Today I went to Ilkley to fix stuff.

Have been doing lots of housework and d.i.y; mostly at Bev’s.

I will almost certainly be doing a Curry & Kipling in Halifax in the week beginning the 4th Oct. There should be limited tickets, details to follow.

A few bits from yesterday.

Saw a kingfisher, the first this year I think. They do not seem to be as common on the waters between Brighouse and Elland as they were.

Just after crossing the first canal bridge, above the lock, walking west from Brighouse (this may show it on google map) the ivy is flowering on the wall between the canal (or navigation rather) and the river. There were countless hundreds of hoverflies, bees, flies, and wasps feeding.

Note I cannot get a link to show the bridge on google map. If you want to see the spot then zoom onto Brighouse and follow the canal/navigation west until it almost touches the river and runs right next to it for a 100 m.

Later, when passing the seemingly all conquering balsam I saw white wasps, or rather wasps made white by the balsam pollen.

After getting home, and before having an over-power nap, I put a laundry on. A little later I went to the cellar to look for beer. While I was there the drainpipe for the washing machine came away. It was almost above my head and I pushed it straight back with less than a pint of dirty water on the floor. I was very lucky. I could have done several washes before going in the cellar to discover it ankle deep in washing water.

Was going to try and do Ilkley, Keighley and Halifax in a big venue hunt, but did my traditional walk on the canal and the river from Brighouse to Elland, then bus to Fax.

Almost overpowering smell from himalayan balsam on the walk. Ate some of very last blackberries of the year, and a hazelnut fresh off the tree thanks to crows. There were a pair iin the tow-path. I thought they were engrossed in acorns until I trod on one. I only managed to reach the one nut, but it was lovely.

I did more pubs but less drinking than usual, starting with the The Old Ship in Brighouse, which has a function room but is probably just too far: then

Barge& Barrel, (no function room, and also a bit cold shouldering) and Malt Shovel (Sam Smiths so never any chance) in Elland. Finishing in The Ring O Bells by Halifax church, which is good, has good beer, and is a definite possibility for a Curry & Kipling.

Was going to go to Baildon to get the worth out of my bus ticket, but the nap stretched itself out to a couple of hours.

Friday. Sang, recited, talked and waved a leek as part of International Park(ing) Day in Leeds. Anzir was behind it, Joe brought turf from his garden on a bicycle. Meet lots and lots of nice people. Me and Gary did the talking to passers by, and we were good. I reckon 6 out or 10 smiled at out Internatinal parking Day. We’ve made a park in a parking space; and we’ve purchased a parking permit!.

Bev arrived after work, by which time my back was giving me gip, but it passed.

Saturday. Went with Bev to Otley Folk Fest with Bev to see her dance. It was a nice day but I was cold. In the evening we baby sat one of Bev’s grand-daughter’s.

Today, Sunday. Nice, relaxing day. Did some cleaning for Bev.

I walked from Bev’s house to the top of Shipley Glen around the southern part of Baildon Moor. It was not fqr but was made tiring by having to force my way through bracken due to bad marking and zero bracken management; both Bradford Council responsibilities I think. I watched a kestrel quartering and a few painted ladies and other butterflies.

This will be the first time I am home alone for a while.

Just a few bits and pieces about the last week:

My mother gave Bev a dress which really suits her, and shows off her fine cleavage. When Bev showed my ma, ma cried “Gawd blimey! like a Finnish Barbara Winsor, and rushed off to find a vest for her.

I took Bev for a walk to Tilgate Park and was genuinely shocked by the new work going on at the dam of Campbell’s Lake; which includes coplete closure of the dam and the east edge and new sets of culverts bigger than any I have seen for modern sewage systems. The was a massive, unsigned, detour away from the lake edge as well.

The weight of all the new equipment was just about OK to carry between two of us, though we did not have to take a screen or mic stand. I could just about have carried it on my own, but could not have managed the physical work that followed (some of which I should not have had to do).

I got a half page spread in last week’s Hampstead & Highgate Express, although I have not seen it. There are some indications that the staff at the venue did not then respond very efficiently to enquiries that followed. On the other hand it was a new thing for them. Overall it worked well enough to make it worthwhile trying to get a repeat show on; as long as technical finanial details can be sorted.

It has been a remarkable few days.

My parents met a declared girlfriend for the first time ever; and we slept together in the house I grew up in.

I scored a major artistic triumph with a new Priestley show, despite having to overcome issues on the day with the venue, including the fact they did not promoting in the final fortnight. There were many positives with the venue though; and old friends Gideon, Hugh, Tony and Murry came along; they and the rest of the audience loved the show; and they all joined in ‘Happy Birthday’ when Bev whipped out a cake and lit the candles.

The most important thing was Bev. She was a massive help and is, potentially a much greater help in future. She now knows what I want, need and what my limits are; with regards my shows. The biggest difference with the friends who have seen a lot of my shows is that she knows that the show is separate from me.

Good days.

My best 50th birthday ever. Good show. Back home. Sang ‘Old man river’ to Bev loudest I have ever. Noises from next door suggests they heard

Folks love Bev. Bev managing folks, to all our benefit. Show ready. Me having good 50th birthday

Just watched BBC documentary about The Fall, which included film of a John Peel session I listened to at time. I miss John Peel. Show set me up for my show. Hit the north!

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