From Friday’s beginning to Monday’s end I spent above 15 hours travelling (all but 2 of those by bus and train) and the same again walking or waiting. I also painted walls, cleared brambles, and had a house surveyed for a remortgage.

I stopped with school mate Tony and his family (and I rarely meet whole family’s now); and gave bedbug advice to another school mate.

It was physically exhausting; especially as I was carrying between 10kg and 15kg for almost every part of the journey: but it was an adventure; and keeps me thinking about possible bad turns that I am powerless to influence.

I went to a meeting about Bring Back Blaise’s Festival 2019 on Tuesday morning; that went wonderfully well. I then ‘networked on North Parade’ and sorted some Blaise stuff, and discussed the possibility of another bus tour.

Yesterday I tried not to move too much.

Today I had to go to the Local Library to print documents for the remortgage (I have no working printer).

I bumped into a neighbour I’d not seen for ages, and ended up give advice about probate; for the best part of an hour.

My experience is of me and my brother, sorting out our mum’s estate without (I think) a cross word. So giving advice to someone with one crooked brother and another that’s bone idle may not have much relevance; but relevance enough. Stuff like getting a copy of the house’s valuation, for instance.

I then posted documents, as well as going back to North Parade; where things have changed; and will change again soon.

Then went to the Exchange bar. A place that’s being forced through ‘serious’ change. Jogoda is still running it. I hope she still will be in months to come.

The underlying ground of this blog is change; and there could be much that in my life: and most of the possible big changes I am unwilling to blog about.

I’ve given up on Bradford City. I am drinking less in Bradford. I need to be careful I don’t sink into an easy isolation.

On the other hand, I could liquidate my assets and convert them to liquid!