We started the season well, but I have thought all season that we were not the finished article. On-line sites, and some people I have talked to, keep harping on about us not scoring being the one missing piece of a jig-saw. I have been wondering for a good while about whether the picture on the box needs changing?

Dieng has to play! Where the fleck were our midfield today? And what the flick did they think they were doing? Relying on the other team being shi-te at scoring worked for us today, but only for 1 point, and then only just!

It just can’t be that every manager has to fuok about playing a diamond, or else they’re thrown out of the manager’s branch of the Masons. McCall must have thought leaving Marshall on his own, and having MacNutly wondering about like the Ancient Mariner, and Vuckic moving like an abandoned supertanker, made some sense.