For old time’s sake I am posting this on here before Instagram, Facebook &c. Below is the raw images of both the picture and the poem.

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There is a new post below (A poem for Linda, May 2020). There also be a new website for Bradford Woolly Heritage Community Interest Company, which may well take over bot this and the show page functions for me.

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Bradford Woolly Heritage CIC  should take you to the new site I have been helping to come alive.

I am trying to live stream a guided walk around Bradford Wool Exchange to my  personal facebook page at 13.00 on Sunday, and to my ‘back blaise youtube channel‘ at 13.30.

Sunday is the 156th anniversary of the foundation stone being laid for the Wool Exchange.


For the first post on this blog since Christmas I present a poem wot I writ for a old, good, and true friend Linda; whose name is alluded to in the poem.

I am posting on here mostly for the record. If I forget what I have written I know I will find it one here.

Linda was very impressed with the poem.


Most moments pass unheard. If your head can clearly hear a whispered echo of shared happiness then someone still shares live with your happier self

I have decided to put this year’s pylon Christmas card on here, as only the second blog post in 4 months. I am nowhere near having a new site but have clearly dropped out of the blogging habit, but for the people still following this blog, and beacause this card simply doesn’t fit well on Instagram, I am post it here first.


The turning twist

of the weaving wires

And the distracting glows 

made to hold our gaze

Can tangle our threads 

into knotted desires

Or be woven well 

into blessed days

So may your festive raiments be made

from what love inspires

And may there be peace so all our sheep 

may safely graze.

The time taken to create the Bradford Woolly Heritage C.I.C (see ) meant I decided to do a really quick card this year, which obviously resulted in it taking 4 times longer than last year. Below is what I used. From the top left clockwise: Photo I by Leeds Liverpool Canal East of Apperley Bridge 5/12. New star origami I made 9/12. Bit oI drew for my Christmas card in 2005. A sheep I drew, as a link to St Blaise and my Bring Back Blaise Festival.

To make the image from the bits I used the free graphics program called GIMP (FNARR FNARR!) again.

xmas19 parts

I wrote the poem on the 11thDec. 2019