Horst’s lecture was so inspiring I stood at the bus stop and learned how to put them dots above his name!

Public lecture in Leeds. Free wine after. Learned loads and talked to people who know people who create augmented realities. 

Mike Copper, who gave the lecture about Neolithic pot remains in the Outer Herbrides, thanked his mum in the lecture, who was in the audience. 

Bloody Good on them both!

I talked to his mum (Wendy) in the pub after. She came up from Dunstable and liked my mum’s knitting. 

I talked to lots of others about the Bring Back St. Blaise’s Day. 

I now have a lead to possible serious funding; though probably not for next February. 

I also now know that what I want to create; so people can stand looking at a Bradford building, hold up their phones, and see pictures of what was there 150 years ago; is called augmented reality. Phil knows a bit about it. 

Good, free, lecture by Mike Copper. There were 10 minutes that seemed a bit waffley, but the conclusion made it relevent. 

Made me think. The pot remains suggest that the Outer Herbrides had 800 years of stable, perhaps boring, peace: which was replaced by conflict. 

The suggestion was made that environmental despoilation may have cause the end of their good life. It certainly was not caused by idiots, believing the evil rich, voting to enslave their own children. 

Kate, the best diabetic nurse I have ever had, is moving to the Airedale General. When she told me this morning I exclaimed a high pitched: “Noooooo!”  and wondered allowed about moving to Keighley. She is intelligent, perceptive, enthusiastic and strong. Qualities I needed to get me enthusiastic about my own health care.