October 2016

That was the day that was. It’s over, let it glow!

Went to Terce at by brother’s monastery at 07.00. Then had a chat with Basil, and the guest master, before working down to the train to Redhill.

Got to Crawley for a house inspection and discovered I had lost my phone on the train from Redhill. Thanks to the help of childhood neighbours I managed to call my phone, and Brian, on his way to his daughter’s graduation from South Bank University., picked it up, and offered to post it to me!

The inspection was as good as I could hope.

Saw both old neighbours’ and felt like I was helping the neighbourhood.

Got talking to a very thin young woman, with a good haircut (things I vouchsafed to her) on the bus to Gatwick. I was repaid by finding out how the fuck you get to the train from the ‘lost in space’ ‘you’ll never fucking guess the way’ ‘South Terminal’ bus stop. The secret is a door that looks like people only use it when there’s a fire alarm!? A fucking sign saying it’s the way in would help more than me!

Drank around Clerkenwell. Nancy and Mark were the nicest I talked to, in the Betsy Trotwood.



Phil, Haydon (who has bought my books); Nick(?); Dulcie (who loves Catweasle); and Bob(or Nick? Who talks). 

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