I am not having the best of time with internetty related things at the moment. I have had near shouty experiences with both GiffGaff and wordpress.com over the last 48 hours, now I have to add Scottish Power. I have agreed to give readings, and have managed to do so for 5 straight quarters, but their site is playing right silly beggers. I have had to contact them via facebook! I have sent the below and am using this blog as a record of my action. I have removed the account number.

I tried logging in to give meter readings last night and failed. I requested a password reset and was sent a temporary password but your website could not go any further and I was told to try again later.

This morning your website did not recognise your password after both pasting and copying, and then told me I only had one chance left to log in.

When I tried to contact you via your in-page e-mail it would not recognise the below account number as valid, despite me pasting account open confirmation e-mail, and copying it out!


I am not doing any more. I have wasted 2 hours on this already. You send me a working password and specific instructions or send someone around to read the meter.