December 2018

Xmas 18 web3

A dulcet & decorous binding

can wrap & gild the starkest sight

Yet grasping gold can lead to blinding

To flound’ring in a sea of might

So let peace and love

be what you’re minding

So gifts of hope be what you’re finding

Like a blessing star

in our darkest night


This year’s pylon is based on one I passed walking to the Market Tavern, Brighouse, along the Calder & Hebble Navigation from Mirfield.

The pictures’s style is inspired by a historian, and an exhibition called ‘Treasures’ at the Peterborough Museum (open until 6/1/18).

I painted and drew the pic with various stuff; cut out 12 star shaped holes; held it up to a lamp and photographed it. Issues with the pic and my new printer meant I had to redo it, so this is the 2ndedition of this card.

The poem is inspired by an archaeologist and a famous poem. I wrote it out by hand for speed, photographed it, but then had to spend hours manipulating the image to make it more readable.

Glyn Watkins. 10/12/18

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