August 2018

I know Sarah because she worked in the Sparrow.

I met her and her husband at Eni’s leaving do last week. I asked her if she knew of anyone who’d act Annie Parker (“I’ve listen for hours and hours to all your dreary talk…”) opposite me on 13th. Sept.

The way she said:


Made me instinctively ask her if she’d do it; and she said yes.

She’s a natural. She hardly acted at school, but she’s been married for 28 years, and spent long hours serving me in the Sparrow, and she just seemed to be a Yorkshire lass, after 25 years, who: “…though I was married to you so I ought to put up with you.”

We were supposed to meet in Jacobs, but that’s shut for work.

We sat down in Centenary Square, were there was a old fashioned brass key and big fob.

We read through half the scene when a bloke turned up ask after the key.

He then asked for money. I gave him some for originality, but I would bet the Pound I gave him that he was sat in the Golden Goose and used the key as begging bait.

Like I said: original; but if I see the key again it goes down a drain.

Keighley bus station. Of a Sunday.

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