December 2015

I am going to finish the Lambs Navy Rum before I go to bed! Leastways I will try. I might have to leave a bit for February!

I became a landlord.

I learned how much I can, and have to, rely on myself.

I finished the hardest 2 years of work I have ever had to do. In the past I  have had  jobs; threats; Governmental chainsaws; emotional relationships of many sorts; but all of them were just useful experience for seeing my mother to her final rest; sorting the estate out; and getting the mortgage to become a landlord.



The speakers work, are wooden, and would be big enough to bury a bloodhound in. I have been trying to get rid of them for years. Today Les of the Sparrow came and took them away. 

The apple grafts were of twigs I cut yesterday. Two of them are the ‘cinnemon’ apples from the junction of Green Road and Cliffe Lane, that I have blogged about every year; the other two are big, semi cookers. 


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