December 2015

I am going to finish the Lambs Navy Rum before I go to bed! Leastways I will try. I might have to leave a bit for February!

I became a landlord.

I learned how much I can, and have to, rely on myself.

I finished the hardest 2 years of work I have ever had to do. In the past I  have had  jobs; threats; Governmental chainsaws; emotional relationships of many sorts; but all of them were just useful experience for seeing my mother to her final rest; sorting the estate out; and getting the mortgage to become a landlord.



The speakers work, are wooden, and would be big enough to bury a bloodhound in. I have been trying to get rid of them for years. Today Les of the Sparrow came and took them away. 

The apple grafts were of twigs I cut yesterday. Two of them are the ‘cinnemon’ apples from the junction of Green Road and Cliffe Lane, that I have blogged about every year; the other two are big, semi cookers. 


The flood plastic in the trees shows the fish would have been in the water. 

There is a pic of the below a from a few months ago. Now leaves are replaced by river sand. 


Spot why Baildon Bridge dams the Aire. 

Lost helmet.  

Just below Baildon.  


   Went in Bulls Head, then in (new name) Westgate, run by couple who had Malt Shovel then ran a pub in Chichester – they weren’t in. 


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