August 2015

I had to go into Crawley to check things. After I had I went to the Brewery Shades. I got talking to a bloke I guessed was from Dudley. I was 3 miles out. He comes from Sedgley, which has one very good pub. 

Bradford City play Walsall late November. I want a holiday. A few days in Dudley would suit. 

My days of living in Crawley will be over by the end of this week. The house I grew up in will be home to a new family. 

I called on both the neighbours. They were good to my parents, and have been good to me. I hope I will be giving them a decent enough new neighbour. 


We got there after 5 and it were free. Tony said he’d pretend I was Fred Dibner’s nephew. I said no very strongly. 


Had a long chat. John’s family have been in Alfreston for hundreds of years. They go to St Thomas More church in Seaford. 

I had a glimpse of yellow and black movement in the bushes above Diane’s right shoulder. I guess a common lizard. 


Lots of tiny mounds of earth, like minute molehills. Knocked the top of this one, found an ants nest. I spent over half an hour watching what they did. I know this because a runner asked me if I was alright, as I been lying down for over half an hour. 

They did not seem to be doing anything but run about to start with, but had started piling grains up before I left. I saw one black ant as well. 

  It’s nice to be remind of how uncomfortable deckchairs are. 

Tastes enough of iodine/smoke to fit as an Islay malt, but sweeter than I’m used to. Good balance though. 

My potential tenants have paid their deposit, and are now my tenants. I am celebrating in the only great pub in the Crawley area. The Smokehead single malt is from Islay, but which distillery is a secret. 


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