February 2016

Bobby Singh came round in the morning and took me and a carload of wood from my garden to the tip. The garden is still a mess, but at least it does not have a big pile of former front door and furniture.



Bradford City’s record goal scorer.  



I cannot load youtube films onto here, you will just have to follow this link to see her getting excited about Finland beating Russia at ice hockey

The card is the one I did for 2014. I did send it because on the morning of 25th February I found my mother had pass away in her sleep. I miss her.

Prior to 2014 I had down 20 year’s or so of Walburga cards, and ten year’s or so of shows. After two years I am still not sure if I want to do any more or not.

Wal card 14 Final web2


It is a Monday this year.   

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