June 2014


I took him out an put him on the floor ( you can tell it’s a male by the palps by the mouth, and the fact it’s in the sink. They fall in when running about looking for sex).

Since he’s been on the floor he’s turned around, and nothing else, in 7 minutes.

I have obviously been travelling, a lot. I have been keeping on top of my own bills, apart from the one from Yorkshire Water. I paid the half year charge on a red bill, but got a notification of court action for charges for the whole year the next day.

I have just talked to the efficient and charming Jodie at Yorkshire Water, and I am fine until October. Which means I am a bit better off in the short term.

What I thought was the last demijohn (8 pints) of mother’s wine turned out to be cider made by me. Drinkable cider and all!


Last year I bought my mother lots of gin , and picked lots and lots of berries off her: ‘thorns from hell’ covered sloe tree, so she could make sloe gin. She did not manage to.

I had to empty the freezer of berries. I made jams, and put sloes and gin in bottles.

I have been throwing lots of bottles into the recycling bin.

I have discovered a full bottle of her wine that needs bottling.

The garden has thousands of redcurrents. I have enough jam. I am going to make even more wine. I need the demijohn.

The sloe berries still have gin in them.

I will either be making sloe gin jam, or soaking berries in lemonade.

Washing bottles with lemonade suggests the taste of gin soaked sloe berries in lemonade would be quite nice.


This is part of a bedroom suite my mother bought at auction in 1960 or 61. It was always there in what was my bedroom.

Now it is broke and gone out. It is one of the few pieces of furniture I’d like at my place but getting it there would have been disproportionately expensive.

As it turned out it did not survive the trip down the stairs. I had not thought of the grab rails put in to help my parents get up the stairs.

I am probably going to have to take the rails off, but with a tallboy stuck on the stairs Mr Hammer had to come to the rescue, and tallboy is shorter now.


I am clearing my late mother’s house and have just found these. Flicked through one and Mr Baker, head of Parker, was the only name I remembered. How I dreaded these, but there again fault finding seemed to be part of parenting duty then, leastways it was in my dad’s case.

I am clearing two house and discovering bits of my past unseen for an age, like the photo of Johanna, a Finnish woman I went to Finland to stay in with in the 90’s.

I am also finding this I cannot remember ever seeing before; like the new looking pewter mug with a handle in the shape of a tobacco pipe.

I decided to celebrate the day with beer, and seeing there is a possibility that I might become a morris dancer, I decided to drink out of pewter.

If there’s nothing else, or I want to take the beer away from the pub without trouble, I’d happily drink out of a pewter mug; but it would take time to get used to it.

Today was the Saint’s day of my mother’s village, formally in Finland, now in Russia.

It was/is also a general day of midsummer celebration.

In Karku there was a burning of old boats in the evening (before, I think) dancing, singing and drinking.

I had a lift down to the empty family home yesterday, thanks Ann. I toasted the memory of my mother with some of the last apple wine she made. It is semi sparkling, and some of the best she made.

I miss her.


Beer is Allendale Wagtale (£2.10, but she might of thought I was a member).

Good pie, peas and chips £2.50.

Keighley 217 for 6 with 1 over left in first innings.


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