October 2015



Earlier today I got a message from Samantha (the most positive thing on North Parade) in the Sparrow. She passed on the contact details of someone called Eileen, who had phoned the Sparrow to ask about Glyn Watkins – the poet with with regard to the writer JL Carr.

I have done little work for, or about, the memory of Carr since my father passed away; and before that I had not done much for a while. I did think about him last week, when I was thinking about if if I wanted to do anything at all, but when I phoned Eileen her enthusiasm, and appreciation of what I have already done for Carr’s memory, has re-lit a little ember of enthusiasm of my own.

I’m still coughing though.

Thanks to Basil’s help and research I have got the laptop going again, and now have means of monitoring the temperature, and knowledge that I need to react if it gets too hot (though I am not yet sure how hot it can safely get). I also have info on future possible physical repairs, which are complicated. If I do nothing else though I may not be able to ever watch Time Team on the thing.

Thanks to help from Basil I know the what and the why of the failure. It’s failed and restarted once, then failed again. If it starts next time I offer thanks, and know what to avoid: but I am not trying a that until I sort out what to do if it is now junk. 

One consequence of only having this Stone Age iPhone is that using Facebook is very slow, so slow that I’ve given up on it for the present. I appear on it thanks to this blog being on autopost, and messages get passed on to me, but I’ll not be interacting on it for a while. 


I’m still coughing though.

Screen splitting and freezing, while Time Team is still running on Safari. This is probably a known solder fault, and may be fixable, but age will make that difficult. 

I have not been able to back up to my external for ages (for the old partition running 10.6.8 Time Machine claimed the external was full, when the external seemed to have space. I’ve not tried backing up the new partition). 

So I need to decide if I buy a new external and hope the Macbook works long enough To back up. At present I am not sure how much I would miss. Memories are fleeting and corruptible, no matter what form they take. 

So I will not be using the Macbook. Leaving me with a mis-functioning iPhone 4 as my only internet outreach. 

Not a good 5 days. 

Do I enjoy writing this? Again, the answer is not unequivocal at the moment.

I have work to catch up on, including an immense backlog on my own house, so I have things to do, probably for the next month at least. I have given up not only pubs, but also drink until I stop coughing. I was forced to miss City’s home win last night, but cannot say I missed it; and I have no desire to create anything or write anything; so until I feel creative, or just enthusiastic, I am giving that up and all.

My iPhone also seems to be dying. Text’s and calls seem to get through, but neither cause any alert, so I missed them. If you have my landline use that, if you want the number text or mail me.

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