May 2014

The last conversation I had at the beer festival was with the lass at the entrance about chickens, and how a fox had killed one.

Walking down Arden Road I heard movement down the path to Furnace Green Drive. There were foxes. Definitely 2, probably 3. The nearest was a cub. The one or two further down were harder to be sure of.

I walked down the path and the cub jumped out! It seemed to have jumped just coz it felt like it. It took it several seconds to notice me; blink several times; and trot slowly into the bushes. If I had been running, and wanting to do harm, there could have been a flying fox.

Really well organised, good staff, nice mix of drinkers. The only name I remember is Helen. She were lovely.

Bridges are 24 for 0 after 5 overs.

This over a Bridges bat knocked the ball into the woods for a six. The nearest fielder went to look for it. 4 of his team mates joined him. Nobody from Bridges could be bothered getting off their arses until after the umpire had gone to look for the ball!

It got worse after that. The umpires asked for a replacement for the nearly new lost ball. Of the 7 balls offered not one was even close to new! It took another 10 minutes for somebody to find a new ball.

For fuck sake! This is a second team match, but it is still a fucking match. Public school wanker cricketers watching others work and the replacement balls all being equally worn. If I ever moved down here I would miss the proper cricket of the Bradford League.


Roffey have made 143 for 9. The beer festival is next door so I have missed some of the game, and may miss more.


My brother will tell me if I am wrong.

PS. He says you cannot be sure if it is a holly blue or a common blue unless you see the underwings.


High Weald best from East Grinstead is my favourite so far.

I went to see my brother at the monastery. The break was across both the tibia and the fibula just above the ankle.

He said it didn’t hurt much when he did it and it does not hurt much now. His biggest problem is that after a life of not lifting heavy stuff, he has no upper body strength. That makes it hard work for him getting about on crutches.

It is clear he was lucky, or blessed, that a gamekeeper just happened to be passing just after he dragged himself to the track. Father Dunstan reckoned he is lucky to be alive, I am certain he is lucky to not be crippled.

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