October 2013

I will be sending the image out to a few by e-mail. I will do a facebook group over the weekend and appreciate Bev’s proofing.


The ‘young’ bloke in front of me got in touch via twitter. He is called Chris Lund and is called @chrislund50 because he is over 50, so he is about my age, which makes my crowing even less acceptable. He did call me a cheeky bastard, which is fair enough.

I almost never use tweeter. I write the blog and it gets posted automatically. Perhaps I should stay in more, like today!

I had an idea yesterday for a Christmas card image involving the clouds of steam from a power station.I then worked out how to get to Ferrybridge by bus, early enough to photograph steam, as long as it is cold and clear. It involves getting out of bed by 06.00.

I woke up at 05.30 and looked out of the window. Clear and sharp with a sickle moon.

I went back to bed for half an hour and dozed and thought. Any photo I take will need to have intense work to get what I want; likely to be so much it would be quicker for me to paint the thing.

I stayed here and did lots of, more or less, urgent work. I may still go to Ferrybridge, but to have a walk around, and visit the nature reserve north of the river. If I get good pictures all well and good, but no pressure if I do not.

Walked to The Bradford City v Wolverhampton Wanderers game.

City went ahead, then let in a goal that only needed one of the three City players to drop their shorts, and another to go Parp! Parp! on a old fashioned motor horn, for it to be a classic moment from a silent slapstick film. The two that ran into each other must have decided they were playing it as a mime at the very least.

An old bloke in front of me recognised me from when I used to stand in the Bradford End shouting, and that was before 11th May 1985! It turns out he was …nowt but a lad then. Which is doubly pleasing. The fact he remembered me from around 30 years ago is the most pleasing; and that he looks so old also seems good to me! Fair do’s, he has probably had kids, and I am probably staying youthful by never having a family: but my mother seems to prove that age is a mental state, up to the the moment you stop getting older.

I walked back into town: I could not get to the bar in the City Gent and could not even get into The Sparrow, so I went and blew £1.68 on 2 pints of milk and a black pudding from Jack Fultons.

I then went to Wetherspoon’s and had a pint. Met Simion, my oldest acquaintance in Bradford (Digby is my oldest friend). Turns out he once applied for a job at Bradford Playhouse & Film Theatre as a projectionist, and still remembered, with prejudice, the names of the men that interviewed him. I confirmed his judgement for most of them, but he seemed to find my stories that the men that interviewed him were not the worst the place had to offer, highly amusing. Glad to have brought a bit more happiness into the world.

I got back yesterday sober, and then cold after being in my house for a few minutes.

I scraped together a tenner, and had a Rail+Bus ticket I bought when I booked the train back to Bradford a while ago. So I went to Valley Parade to buy a ticket for today’s Bradford City V Wolverhampton Wanders game.

I then went back into Bradford to get my last full £10 out of my business account to have a pint at the Sparrow (and thus have a chance to try and sell tickets for my next show); only to discover I was £25 overdrawn.

Turns out I had had a £45 fine for being £2.98 overdrawn for 2 days last month. I phoned up and got it reduced to £15, but that is still £15 taken from almost nothing.

It turns out the reason for the poverty trap was a URL I have on standing order, that I never use. If you are a fan of J.L.Carr I have both jlcarr.com and jlcarr.co.uk, and you can have them for a little over what I have just unknowingly paid for them.

Below is an image made from a rough selection from my Christmas cards from the period 2002 – 2012.

A selection from Glyn Watkins' xmas plyons

I was sat across from a slim and pleasant young woman, who turned out to be a exhibition organiser called Liz Clough, and who likes pylons.

A red kite flew so close to the train I could see the white patches under the wings.


She bought a Wayne Jacobs Little Red Head Book and all!

The sloe and apple jam I made last night is very thick, but tastes lovely. Basically great for hot toast and meats but no good for soft bread.

Just finished my first attempt at jam making. A bit of effort for 2 small jars and a bit. The only tricky thing seems to be boiling it long enough for it to set. I may have over boiled, based on using a slice of bread to wipe up the jammy goodness left in the pan, and ending up with breadcrumbs! I suspect I may have made giant, jar shaped fruit pastilles.

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