February 2017

After over a half century of being a type 1 diabetic my days have a structure. I have my meals at instinctive intervals, regardless of when I had to get up, and if I do not set my alarm because I have to get up early I wake up a few minutes either side of 08.25. 

Today I woke up at 10.03, after going to bed stone sober. I had half woken up much earlier (something I usually do several times a night) but was in the middle of an enjoyable dream, and subconsciously went back to it. 

The suprising thing is I did not panic, had my meals at the usual intervals (just not the usual times), did loads, and thought about the bureaucracy of my diabetic care. 

I went and got, and then fitted, a new toilet seat. The third since I moved in in 1988. The first was already here; and I bought and fitted the second in my parents house as a Christmas present years ago. I then salvaged the second, but it eventually broke, so I have my first ever new toilet set. 

Oil can ease the load of bearing
So help the grind of grit and grain
The links and ends work best with caring
So please find what’s fit in loss and pain
To light with love so all can gain 

From the first Walburgas collection: In the early 90’s Glyn Watkins forgot Valentines Day. Rather than send a late card he got a Saints book and picked Walburga to be the Patron Saint of forgetfulness and late cards, and drew a card with a poem. It made no difference, but he has done a Walburgas for most year’s since. Walbuga turned out to be an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who helped convert the german tribes, become one of the most influential women in Dark Age Europe, and gave her name to Walpurgisnacht.

Walburga’s day is 25th Feb.and her symbols are grain and oil (her shrine produces oil). There is no Walburgas Day show this year because I created a Bring Back St.Blaise’s Festival on 3rd Feb.to celebrate Bradfor’s lost saint. The card was done in 3 hours due to a Bradford City v Swansea Cup Final (Home city Vs City of my father’s).

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