June 2013

The Glastonbury backlash started years ago, but I am adding my voice. Glastonbury is a money sucking machine built on middle class fashion vitims with more money than sense, and the BBC sucking up to it and shoving gangster toll licence money up its muddy crack is wrong enough, but scarificing massive chunks of Britain’s most popular radio network to is as well is worse. The toasters who want to listen to it will be on- line awayway. Have it on Radio 6, not raping the ratings cow of Radio 2 just because the BBC has no regard for its audience.

Two years and a day after my dad died in East Surrey Hospital my mother is back there. She had a bad pain below her chest but was clearly not a heart problem. I went in the ambulance with her to the hospital.

The hospital was the quietest I have seen it for decades so there was no stress at admittance and not much waiting. The X-ray showed air in the abdominal cavity. She is fine unless she breathes deeply, but she needs a surgeons assessment, and almost certainly more testing. The key to managing the condition is finding the cause.


The Hillmans play rockabilly about bricklayers. The beer was not bad, I talked to a flirty lass, got given free cider and wine and sold a Little Red Head Book to Willow and Pete who were working there.


Haywards Heath batted first and were all out 118 in 33. Bridges 66 for nowt in 11 overs. They ended winning by 9 wickets.

I called in the Crawley folk and beer festival first. No jackets on the barrels, no voice on the singers, £3.60 a pint and a massive queue for beer tokens. I did not stop for beer.

Ma has had both her lads with her this week, which pleases her. She is up and down, but her lowest point is still much hight than most women a third of her age (she is 92).

She had a dizzy spell on Wednesday, which she was convinced was her own fault. Basil went to her doctor, who rang the house. She had taken her once a week tablet wrong (but it turned out she had always been taking it wrong) and the doc went through other possible causes with me by her bed. No fever, temperature ok, no sign of urinary infection:
Yes I have!
You never said!
Turns out she had not mentioned the pain because it was less painful than the last bout! The infection could explain the dizziness.

Apart from the bit in the Betjeman Arms I did not talk once the whole journey! I made up for it when I started though.

Before I set off I had gone to the New Bradford Playhouse to sort out the box office split. I actually made a tiny gross profit. On the other hand they are booked on 13th September, so no Pie & Priestley there on the proper date. Of course, I should have sorted a venue long since. I have a show ready to go, but need a new venue, and new permission from the agent.

I also found out that the provisional date for a show with Dave Pendleton, about football and Bradford, is a no go. I want to do this one as a change from doing one man shows, but it is not written and he works shifts.

I later got better news in the Betjeman with I got a text about a possible ‘job’ blogging about gin; and met Ian Burns of the That Theatre Company, who do English productions in Copenhagen. I fancy taking the Kipling abroad, and his theatre has a kitchen.


I was on the M1 when I saw a bloke working on this pylon. He is on the right about a third of the way up.


Great gig, as always. Meeting the band was meeting old friends. I first saw them in 2004. As I told them: it’s great they are all alive and playing. I got a hug and a beer from Don Reno, playing the banjo here. I also got a lift home from Katherine and her mate Dave.


I have paid for a beer overcoat so it seems less windy; leastways on the outside.

I am drinking beer in The Beck, but it is the beta version. Partners Brewery of Dewsbury pub. 8 real ales. Official opening Friday 5th July.

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