I ate everything in the picture, but I could not drink the gravy left on my plate. I just sat utterly thoughtless for several minutes.

The un-drunk gravy is already stock for the next soup.

I’ve just cooked this because I bought a Lidl 33% off, sell-by must sell or throw, Scotch beef fillet steak a ‘few’ days ago.

I’m getting quite good at cooking steaks, but this one deserves writing down. That way I can see what I did when I next get a fillet steak.

I’m guessing you know to stir and flip things being cooked.

I banged the steak with my meat hammer whilst still in it’s vacpack. No blood on the hammer and the packages allows the meat to spread easily.

I cut a slit and added soy and worcester sauce, and some gerkin vinegar (which is better than most bought vinegars, so why pour it down the sink?

I boiled noodles and chopped runner beans. Drained them, added sesame oil (to stop sticking and drying, and for flavour) and put them in the fridge; for easy; and for the ‘possible’ small reduction in the digested carbohydrates.

A while later I heated butter and olive oil in my big frying pan on what I’d call a low/ medium heat; and set the pan off centre so half was hotter.

I added sliced onion to the cooler side.

I got the steak out of its pack, wrapped it in a paper towel, sprinkled flour on both sides and put it in the pan’s hot half.

I’d already lit the oven to low and put a plate in it.

I tested the steak by cutting with a knife and folk. It was ‘pink’. I prefer medium and fried for a minute or so.

When I liked the look of the steak I got the warm plate out of oven, put steak on it and returned it to the warm.

I added sliced mushrooms to the onions in the pan.

After mushrooms looked like they were cooking I added the noodles and beans.

I waited till all the mushrooms started looking a little dark and cooked and added a couple of tomatoes.

Let it all heat up again and added some of today’s cheap red wine from Lidl (South African), some water from the noodles and beans, and a pinch of gravy granules.

A minute’s boiling and it was done.


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