March 2017

It were windy. 

A young swan flew low over us several times, slow and uncertain each time. I had never seen a swan’s neck ‘ripple’ in a wing linked wave before. 

We also saw what 2, of what I correctly guessed to be, red kites. There was excitement with the possibility of a breeding pair. 

We were de-turfing, digging, and planting with bamboo canes; then putting ‘corkscrew plant protecting sheaths’around plant and cane. 

I watched old hand Alan wind the sheath around from the bottom of the plant and stick, from a distance, and understood the wherefore. 

I started sheathes on, and was asked by another bloke to show him how to do it. Never mind that the country is hell bent on destruction. Showing someone how to protect a plant is important! 

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