July 2015

My mother’s powered arm chair finally left the garage the same way it arrived over a decade ago: on Tony’s magic trailer. 

It is now sticking out the back of an old Ford Focus, in Terry the window cleaner’s lock-up garage. I am not sure what will happen if Terry manages to sell the Focus (available with an extra engine for just £50 more), presumably put the chair in the space left by the car. 

My biggest ever job is nearly done. It’s only about money and future prosperity, so not that important. Seeing both my parents out of this world was important. 

I have got dvd’s from charity shops to watch on my laptop. 3 documentaries and  Made in Dagenham

Watched it all, and I stopped doing that for dramas years ago. I blubbed. 

There was a birthday lass, name of FiWho used to celebrate with a wild spree!

Now, while the drinking’s still fine

And she could show these young un’s how to have a good time,

She’s grown to appreciate slippers, and a nice cup of tea. 

The most entertaining part of the pre-season friendly I went to with Brighton fan Des, from next door. Brighton won 3-0. 

Also helped John from the other next door to cut all the laws on foliage from the tree in my garden that over hangs his. 

Brother Basil came for a quick look, and was very impressed. Oldest mate Tony Bailey saw it yesterday and kept saying: “What a transformation!”


There is almost no furniture in my house of the moment, and fewer book! So I have been reading issue 726 of Buses magazine ( http://www.busesmag.com ) that I bought for the commute, very carefully. 

Somewhere on this blog is my story of being trodden on by a South Yorkshire police horse, at Brammel Lane, when Thatcher was paying them mercenary bounty to club miners, and they thought they were above the law. 

I wonder who paid for the ‘unique’ armour plated bus. 

I have owned this camp bed for decades. I carried it’s several kg’s to Crawley. 

I was shatted when I arrived (I spent the morning moving stones to give a clear space for the outside toilet leak stoppers). I could not any tea, coffee, or beer in the garage. I had to walk to Tilgate for beer. 

The camp bed then proved itself beyond my mental and physical abilities. 

I had a troubled night on a piece of form. 

This morning I had an other go. The metal legs have the power of a siege crossbow arm! If I had been facing the window when one of the beggers came out, I swear, I would have provided much entertainment to the insurance company, before they refused my claim.

I finally cut a hole in the canvas, and got it together! I lay on it to test, and was lost to the world for the next 20 minutes!

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