The organiser of two celebrations of the Bradford born writer J.B.Priestley’s birthday has declared them to be the best ever.

Bradford based poet and showman Glyn Watkins has been doing a ‘Pie and Priestley Show since 1998, celebrating J.B.Priestley’s birthday and a Bradford meat and potato pie that defied Hitler, that Priestley made world famous in a World War Two broadcast). This year he did a show at the Jacobs Well pub on Sunday, and led a walk around Bradford on Monday 13th September, Priestley’s, and his, birthday. Of the Sunday show Glyn said:

“Everyone in the audience said they enjoyed it. Local film maker Jim Walker told me it was brilliant, and someone else told me they did not know what to expect, but when I pulled a Maggie Thatcher head out of a bucket and did a ventriloquist version of ‘When We Are Married’ he was startled, but it were the bit he enjoyed the most!

The walk went really well too. We were lucky with the weather and not only did everyone enjoy my readings from Priestley but a lot of the people know more than I did about some of the places we passed. local historian Janet Senior especially taught me a lot. 

Probably the best part of the walk and show were the pies made by Chris Hall of Jacobs Well, which were universally praised. He put a candle in mine for my birthday, which was nice.”

Glyn and his home made version of
Roberts’ steaming pie.
Glyn doing his ventriloquist version
of ‘When We Are Married.’
Glyn’s birthday pie at Jacobs Well,

made by Chris Hall.