Last night I was on the phone and randomly moving things on the desk, when I caught a glimpse of the sharp ‘eyebrow’ tweezer springing into the air. The next moment I had stabbed my hand on it! It was stuck in just below the ring finger.

Knowing where the tweezer spends its working life I rushed to wash the wound with strong disinfectant. It bled a bit and seemed OK.

I have been phegming up for a few days as well, so I went to bed early.

Now I have been occasionally waking up with cramps in a hand, but they may just be caused by the way I sleep. Last night however I woke up convinced I had carpel tunnel syndrome. One finger was throbbing. I stayed put and slept fitfully.

This morning I woke up to discover the finger above the wound too swollen to bend. I called my new doctor just after 08.00 and was told to ring back for cancellations. By lunch time I asked for an appoint for tomorrow, to be told they don’t have appointments! Sick people have to ring at 08.00! It’s like vultures fighting over a corpse, with the prospect of becoming one if you are not fit enough to get the appointment.

The finger is now bending and I am hopeful it is not in danger, but I do wonder how soon it will be before I can go to a chemist and buy appropriate antibiotics without making a doctor richer for doing nothing.