Mother looked fitter today than she has since she cracked her head, which is good, but she is nowhere near as fit as she was before the accident. The latest from the hospital is that she will be sent home, but no date has been thought of yet. They have promised me 2 days notice before she is sent home, so I have a chance to get down and be there to welcome her home.

I have been working hard painting, decorating and making her house more safe. Even if her physical abilities had not changed there is a massive amount of stuff needs doing because my dad fought every change to the house.

I got phoned up by BBC’s Look North today for the second time in a month, and for the second time they just wanted Dave Pedleton’s phone number. They are doing a piece about the high cost of League Cup final tickets. Bradford City Vs Swansea. The city I have spent most of my life in versus the city I was born in. I did want to go, and was offered a chance, but with ma being so ill let the chance slip, and now it is too late.