I am alone in my own house, with no place I think I should go or person I reckon I should see. After Hugh left this morning I have done pottering , potting and housekeeping.
Went to the ASDA that was Nettos. It seems much better than the nightmare that is Crawley ASDA, bigger with much more variety than Nettos. and the cheapest bread is also cheaper than Lidl. Trouble is that most cheap stuff has to be hunted down. If you do not you, or rather I, will pay close to double. Fruit and veg especially was dear. I did, however, get diet cream soda (Emmmm!) and cheap Duvel Belgium beer.
Made brawn form a pig shank that had already me and Bev a good plate of meat.
I saw the horticulture tutor on Friday. She said she was impressed with me and that she had plans for me. She has not told me what they are yet..
Saw the <a href=”http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/main/index.html”>International Space Station</a> on Thursday night. Tonight I sat down on my front step and saw a white moth fly around next-door’s garden twice, on the same pattern, like a pipistrelle bat. Less than a minute later I saw a pipistrelle flying a pattern.