I have started a short community horticulture course, an actual good thing to come out of the New Deal/Restart thing I have been forced on. It is in a garden created by an upper school, and is designed for absolute beginners. I should be able to pass easily, but it will be a qualification and it is real gardening.

I spent most of the time explaining things to others and showing them how to do stuff. There are some with a lot of gardening experience, but most have little to none, and I do enjoy teaching. The fact that all but one wanted to be there, and some even paid, means the group is motivated; a nice mix in fact, especially as the lad acting the twat got sent home at lunchtime.

The tutor is good, though she suffers from HESS (Headmistress Exaggerated Story Syndrome) and is also a propagandist for organic gardening. This results in her saying some stuff that is just wrong. On the other hand she did get us all working well.

One of my jobs was to plant out lettuces and peppers, and put the smaller ones, and ones that could not be fitted on the bed, on the compost heap. I actually potted all of the left over lettuces on in spare pots so people could take one home, and also encouraged them to help themselves to peppers (which were in degradable pots).

After finishing I rushed home, had a bath and went to Ilkley to see Bev dance. She has spent many hours making a new costume, and I am proud to say I gave her a good goose: Bev after I gave her a good goose