Oil can ease the load of bearing
So help the grind of grit and grain
The links and ends work best with caring
So please find what’s fit in loss and pain
To light with love so all can gain 

From the first Walburgas collection: In the early 90’s Glyn Watkins forgot Valentines Day. Rather than send a late card he got a Saints book and picked Walburga to be the Patron Saint of forgetfulness and late cards, and drew a card with a poem. It made no difference, but he has done a Walburgas for most year’s since. Walbuga turned out to be an Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who helped convert the german tribes, become one of the most influential women in Dark Age Europe, and gave her name to Walpurgisnacht.

Walburga’s day is 25th Feb.and her symbols are grain and oil (her shrine produces oil). There is no Walburgas Day show this year because I created a Bring Back St.Blaise’s Festival on 3rd Feb.to celebrate Bradfor’s lost saint. The card was done in 3 hours due to a Bradford City v Swansea Cup Final (Home city Vs City of my father’s).

The info about Walburgas is below this blog.

This cold is a right Librium of a dose. Sleeping on sleeps. No sneezing or fever, almost no coughing, and other functions normal or better, but still totally koshed.

The journey to London on Tuesday (was it ? I cannot for the minute work it out) was on Grand Central, which actually had a train this time. The frost was deep enough to make some of the fields look like they had had snow. Spent most of the journey talking to Mike, ex-army, ex-express dairies, who was full of interesting stories.

Got the train to Farringdon. I called at the Betsey Trotwood but also did a lot of walking around for a possible Little Britton Festival (celebrating Thomas Britton the musical coalman of Clerkenwell Green) linked to the London Festival of Architecture (LFA).

Quite a lot has changed in Clerkenwell since my last Festival there, but I still have access to one of the posterboards, and also have some kudos from what I did before.

I also am getting the feeling that the Walburgas Show may fill up, seeing the capacity is fairly small. I talked to a gloriously mad bloke called Geoff, or perhaps Jeff who was getting excited at the prospect of see my show. He even offered me a drink, which I had to turn down to get to the meeting at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

My last Little Britton Festival was loosely attached to the 2008 LFA, and I have been getting mails ever since. This meeting was only really an introduction and outline, but being there may make a massive difference. I announced I was looking for help with bringing Hat Throwing to London, and have been offered opportunity.

The bar at the event was selling small bottles of beer for £4.60.

Went to the Masons Arms (which I had found out about in the lift up to the event) with Chris, Louanne and their barge owning mate.

Then back to Kings Cross to use the cheap Thameslink ticket I had bought the day before, only to find that I had to get a replacement bus to London Bridge. I helped a Russian from St. Petersburg (f.k.a Leningrad) called Alexander, which is a coincidence as my uncle Alexander spent time firing Finnish artillery shells at Leningrad during the last world war. We spent the trip talking, or I spent the trip talking, about the history of the places the bus passed, which is mostly of whores and stumpets.

On the train at London Bridge a bloke got on, use the toilet, and got off. As I said to the lass behind me, it showed good thinking. That served as an intro. It turned out she was a sound engineer working on Ghost. She knew about the hardware shop I blogged about a few weeks ago, and took a flyer and promised to put it up on the theatre corkboard.