Another long journey yesterday. On the train from Leeds a young cello-violinist called Alex Marshall came and sat on my table. She was on her way from Leeds College of Music to MC a youth music show at the Hawth. I should have gone but I was so, so tired when I got in.

Alex is definitely one to watch; bright, cute, able to take advice. She was going to write out her cue cards; I suggested she write them on her iMac and read them from there; and she really appreciated it as a usable idea, especially as she had a remote, which is something I must get for my own shows. She also declared me to be a hero for getting us on the train she needed for Three Bridges (although the only really heroic part was not going for beer at the Betjeman).

I got to Leeds via a 760 Keighley bus from Shipley. I wanted to see autumn in the Aire Valley, but sat on right side of the odd single-decker bus, at the back, so could only see out of one side, which was mostly semi-detached ribbon development with not even many good gardens.

I had time to buy some ‘in-ear’ headphones (£6 from Leeds’ Wilkinsons as opposed to £20 from W.H.Smiths in the station) and some beer from the Scarborough (very talkative barmaid who supply teaches, I don’t want to go back to teaching) and the Hop (first visit, good beer, no function room but still possible as a venue for a Pie & Priestley).