I worked the 15 hour shift at a polling station in Allerton for today’s by-election. I got a lift most of the way home and called in the Brown Cow, for probably the first time since the last election. One bloke said:
I remember you, you’re the puddled one!

The polling station was in a chapel at which I once gave my Matha’s Story – My mother’s escape from the Red Army talk to old ladies. It was a nice set up, a good team, and a fair day. We got a fraction under 47 percent attendance, the best for any polling station I have worked.

I think the Tory candidate was the only one who came in, and she told us her husband had bet money on her winning, and when she demanded why he said because the odds were so good. She gave the opinion (in the subtle way ladies do about their other half, when they are not addressing him in private) that he was a fool with his money. The funny thing is that George Galloway standing will have taken many Labour votes, so she might have a chance, but so might he.

I had no idea who George Galloway was but he was on top of an open top Southdown bus yesterday and I looked the bus up and found out about him. He has been on telly and did something to Rula Lenska, so if his luck holds he is in with a chance.

The bus was a Leyland Titan, I think from Dewsbury Bus Museum.

If you want to know more about the bus, or Galloway, then do a web hunt.