Yesterday I travelled home via J.B.Priestley’s childhood homes in Manningham; his birthplace on Mannhiem Road, Street of J.B.Priestley's birth. and Saltburn Place, J.B.Priestley's childhood home where his family moved when he was 5.

I thought I had been to both, I used to live close by in Girlington, but having seen them I am not sure I ever did. The houses on Saltburn Place are terraced but very large, and the street seems comparatively well of (for Bradford that is).

The bus up went via some of the worst looking bits of Bradford in Manningham, areas that have had many millions wasted on them. The empty shell of Raby’s Auction House always makes me sad, I spent many a happy hour and a small number of pounds there.

I thought the bus back would take me down Whiteabbey Road, they always used to, but instead it turned out to be a strange new (to me) 619 service that obviously partly replaced the the much missed 601 and 602 inner and 680 outer circle routes, and provides a BRI to St Lukes Hospital link.

It was an even more of a dead hope journey than the bus up to the Duckworth Lane roundabout; especially the shuttered corpse of U-SAVE DIY, the best ever hardware store for blokes. Still, it got me straight home.