Ma watched Kung Fu Panda for the first time today, and explained how it was about the fight against communism! Scientists researching the possibility of parallelled universes should come and talk to my mother.

I went for a walk to feed the sparrows that live in the hedge behind Scooby Doo’s burger bar, next to Three Bridges station. They were actually working on the station using a big crane.

I then walked through the Maidenbower estate. I used to walk through the area before it was built on. It was full of centuries old iron slag from the furnaces that where there until the 17th or 18th Century. Like most of the country around it was clay, cold and damp. It still is but it now has houses as well.

I had two dogs really try to bite me, and I think the first may have drawn a little blood, I cannot think of anything else that would have made the scratches on my arm. I thought it was just due to this town being full nasty twats, but then remembered that I had made friends with next door’s slobbery and very intact male dog, and I had not had a bath since.