I have spent a week drinking less. In the last 9 days I have had 17 units. I had two pints with Joe on Wednesday and half a bottle of beer when I got home; 5 pints when I went to see `Bev dance in Keighley with Rainbow Morris; and two glasses of wine yesterday.

The fact I have recorded that suggests it might be an issue, but one of the problems is that there is very little regularity to my life, apart from the big one of injections and eating to control my diabetes. I cannot say that I have felt better or worse for not drinking almost every day; but I can say that I was not enjoying beer a fortnight ago.

Getting more pattern in my life has been a theme of making a go of my business. I do an awful lot for the things I do do, and can do them very well; but having to do everything in a show is stressful and makes the show harder to do well; and once the show is over I do too little with the result.

The next blog will be be about this, and is something I have written prior to the possible new business plan, but the core issue is the same as it was when I wrote the first poet, writer and showman business plan nearly a decade ago:

I cannot sell my works unless I am famous – I will not be famous unless I sell my work

It is blindingly obvious, but ways of breaking that cycle are not obvious or simple.

I was meant to visit Keighley to have a drink with Roger, but he is stuck in the land of snot. Not going is probably for the best because for some strange reason I do not feel like a drink!

It also means I can do more work on the Pie, Priestley & Playhouse Night. I have tried contacting Tom Priestley (J.B.’s son, a former film editor) and failed, but have been in contact with the literary agent.