I have not done much these last few days apart from cook for my mother and me, and try and sort out the old ibook so she has a chance of using it.

Ma had got out a rump steak for Sunday dinner. I cooked using this Delia Smith recipe. It was the best steak I have ever cooked. Unfortunately ma announced she could not eat steak because she has not got her new bottom denture yet!? Fortunately she had some prawns in the fridge,which I forced on her, mixed with the sauce. She enjoyed that.

Unfortunately the Aligot (Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Cheese) from Delia proved to be a bit of a sod. It uses an electric hand mixer, which is not the same and the single handed, single whisk thing I bought ma last year. It did not have the power and the lack of contra-rotating blades meant more than the average amount of potato found walls, work top and clothes.

The old ibook was a bit of a chore. I cannot find a duplicate remover that will work with OS 10.4.7. I also cannot get on apple app store with it. It is old, and it heats up, but usable’ leastways it was before I made it, supposedly, easier to use. The bloody thing keeps moving the cursor to earlier in the text for no reason I can figure, and highlighting and deleting things as it does, whilst cing which window is is at the front.chan I supuld be an excuse for bad pose it co and spelling, but that is a poor reason for having something that makes me even more than usually unintelligible.