Met John, the mad accountant, and Noel in the Sparrow today. Beer was taken, including a splendid Robinsons’ bottled beer ‘designed’ by the band Elbow. I Know nothing of Elbow (or more probably elbow) but I liked their beer, so will try and hear their music.

On the way there I was on the bus listening to a group of two very young adults and children (it being half term, for my American reader(s) that is a short break in the middle of, what I think you call, a semester,). They were discussing where they should go, and if they could get there on the tickets they had. A young bloke across the aisle from me got up, walked to where they were sat, told he was an ex bus driver, and told them what they needed to know.

They had been talking of the Leeds Armouries for a while when the female adult said: Yeah, we’re going to see loads of old guns. At which point the two young lads who had taken no part in the discussion shouted: Guns? Yeah!

A little later the ‘almost, babe in arms said:

Chocolate potato!

Where have you seen chocolate potato? … It says cheesy potato! (much laughter).

I quite fancy a chocolate potato.

I went to Morrisions to buy a good chunk of parmesan (only £2.50) and then went to read the labels in the spirit aisle. There were a group of young students, I guess from China. They were buying their first ever bottle of whiskey. I offered advice and tried to explain the making of it. I asked if any were doing chemistry. A universal and shocked ‘No!’ followed.

I hope they enjoy their Famous Grouse half bottle enough to try the malts I was urging.

I went to Leeds yesterday and came back without drinking any beer!

Went to see Anzir about computers. A great help, as always.