I was due to meet with the advisor for my business plan on Tuesday, but he called that morning to rearrange the meeting for next week. Cannot say I was sorry.

I thus had a free day, in which I did work, including a new pitch for a Curry & Kipling in Surrey, plus painting white lines on the dark steps around Bev’s house, but the whole day was wonderfully relaxing.

Having got back to my own house the mood and the temperature changed for the worse. Autumn has very much set in. After weeks of trees very slowing changing from green the yellows and reds have swept across the canopy.

It is sunny now, and has been for parts of the last few days, but there has been a chill of autumn in some of the breezes, especially this morning.

Bev danced out at the Airedale Heifer last night with Rainbow Morris. It was another practise, and a new, relaxing occasion, with the pub providing free chip butties.

The Pie, Priestley & Playhouse Show (Celebrating a Meat & Potato Pie that defied Hitler, J.B.Priestley and a Theatre that Defies the Odds) for 13th Sept. at Bradford Playhouse is getting sorted. While it is still not confirmed I am already contributing to the rebuilding of the Playhouse as a venue and members organization by providing the history that the self seeking bureaucratic Darleks that last ran it tried to wipe out.

Look at the Playhouse website as it now stands and it mentions nothing before 2009. I once started a history of the Playhouse. It did not get beyond research and rough outline; but I have bits left, including a press review of the first Playhouse production in Bradford from 1929! (It was a medieval play called Everyman put on at St. John’s Church, Little Horton Lane).