On the return of Bev’s she told me that she missed the sense of danger that came with watching the news or adverts with me with the sound turned on; with her never knowing when the loose cannon would go off.

OK trip, although the washing machine finally arrived at ma’s a few minutes after I set off. I could not have done anything as regards getting it fixed I might have been able to start her education with an automatic.

I offered advice about best thing to see in London (the Sir John Soane Museum, Lincolns Inns Field) to someone on the train to Victoria, who may have been called Rebecca, I do remember she did start at County Antrim before living in the States.

I then got the tube to Euston, having some time spare. The British Library did not open until 11.00, and there was a big queue, so I sat in the weak sun outside and read the Buses magazine I bought at Three Bridges, then went and spent the money I have not spent on drink today in Frontline books. Dictionary of Tommies’ Songs and Slang, 1914-18. Brophy & Partridge, 2008, republished from 1930. Has already made me laugh out loud.

Sat with a nice family on the train from Kings Cross. I am sure the 6 year old lad would have accepted Buses from me. but his dad drives a bus and did not want it in the house.